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Early Himalayan Bronze Bodhisattva, From Kashmir or other nearby Kingdom. It has a significant amount of inlay, most of which remains (see photos). It is a solid cast. I'm unsure how to date it, but it looks to have very good age based on the extensive wear and the beautiful dark patina. The alloy looks to have significant gold and silver in it.

I bought it because some years ago, I was fortunate enough to purchase Item 9087 on my website. If you look at that item, you will see that the two are remarkably close. They are almost certainly from the same workshop. It is miraculous that after all this time they are reunited halfway around the world. This one is more detailed and much less worn, with a better patina. It has also retained more of its. Inlay. A feature that really stands out is the effect of its fantastic in-laid eyes-they really bring him to life.

The two statues are almost certainly from the same workshop and were likely sculpted and cast by the same maker.

It would benefit from a base, as it does not stand on its own.

Because of the Gold and silver in the mix, the chocolate-colored surface practically glows.

Very special!!
- ( 5.25"H x 2.375"W x 1.125"D ) 310g

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